Sunday, January 3, 2016

A '15 blog retrospective to enjoy and share

I have friends who say they disdain any re-runs. This drives me lower case insane.
Do they expect me to every day do for free something original? Heck, even the otters at SeaWorld get rewarded with an anchovy per trick.
So I’m at peace with dropping re-runs in here and there. Plus, some are becoming traditional. They still re-run “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Christmas, don’t they?
The last three months saw a surge of new readers. This retrospective is aimed at those new friends and anyone who wants to encourage folks to give the blog a try.
It’s just a monthly sampler from ’15. And, of course, anyone who wants access to more than 100 categorized posts can just visit the homepage. Obsessives can create and distribute their own lists!
I’ll try and come up with something fresh tomorrow, but I can’t guarantee it.
Enjoy your Sunday and . . . Go Steelers! (and Bills …)

January — “Well-rounded thoughts on purchasing new tires”  … Like my career, my vehicle has become a punch-line. This one’s includes environmental nuggets about tire recycling and my solutions to tire waste.
February — “I’m getting paid to talk to 8th graders” … One of the great things about my new opportunities as a motivational speaker is when unusual options come in unbidden. For instance, I never dreamed I’d be paid to talk to 8th graders.
March — “Do friends extend lives? Not friends like mine” … This one is in response to a study that declared friends are essential to a long life. Obviously, this is a rebuke, albeit a joyful one.
April — “Tom Sawyer ejaculates! And when word meanings change” … Words, their meanings and their origins have always fascinated me. This tips the hat to that affinity.
May — “When Jesus returns, will He wear a bow tie?” … Quirky fashions and religious devotions, this one wrote itself.
June — “I am being evicted from The Pond” … What a tumultuous year it was for my office. Being evicted was a real bummer. Hated it. But with this one I tried to put a good face on it by embracing change.
July — “The story of my webbed toes and other human deformities” … Many people ask me, “Say, did that really happen? Did you really tell someone you had webbed toes?” Of course, I did. I love enlivening the day with these kinds of shenanigans.
August — “Jaffre’s opens today at the Tin Lizzy!” … My stats page said locals really ate this one about local restaurant news up.
September — “Pope re-gifts an $8 million Bible” … The pope visit was such a rich topic for me. I have a friend who says he hates it whenever I dabble in religion. That’s a pity because I love to write about religion.
October — “Jonesin’ for Xarelto: The new Arnold Palmer ad” … This would be one of my favorites if for no other reason than it let me tell the story about what Palmer said when I proposed he wrestle his friend Clint Eastwood.
November — “Abe Vigoda is still alive! (for now)” … Great reaction to this one, so much so I hope to write the Abe-Vigoda-is-still-alive story for the next five years.

December — “The divisive Paul McCartney Christmas song” — Writing this one taught me Sir Paul’s earned $15 million from a song it took him one afternoon to write and that many, many people really hate this song.

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