Sunday, June 12, 2011

And on the 7th day, he blogged

Today marks the 14th straight day I’ve blogged something original (well, mostly original). That swamps the old record by 11 days.
The Bible teaches God created the world and the heavens in six days and then rested on the seventh.
I can only conclude God didn’t blog. Had He, He certainly would have taken to the internet and done a little divine boasting.
I sure would have, but that’s just the difference between God and me.
Well, one of them.
Heck, I posted about 700 words the day after I did what I thought was a bang-up job on the annual Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio (it’ll be running this week; stay tuned!). 
But is there inherent insanity in blogging so frequently?
I don’t think so.
As stated on the blog’s third birthday, I’m seizing what I sense is opportunity. I think the more I post the more enthusiastic the readership, and the more people will, I hope, refer worthy items to friends.
I’m hoping every avid reader will link my blog to at least two other readers and that those two will refer to two more and so on and so on.
If that optimistic extrapolation proves correct then my blog followers will by Independence Day surpass the population of China; by Halloween the blog will rule the earth and I’ll need start scanning the Cosmos to find new readers.
My theory has so far proven correct, but on a much smaller scale.
In 14 days, the sun has yet to set on For the entire time I’ve been blogging for every minute of every day someone, somewhere in the world has been checking in.
It’s happening in more than 93 countries.
I find that very cool.
I do this ungodly bit of boasting because I’m probably going to float in a couple of re-runs this week. I’m not certain. With my antenna up, blogging once a day hasn’t been difficult. I try and have a suitable idea the night before, roll around in bed with it for about six hours, get up and knock out 600- to 700-words before breakfast.
But this week I’m going to be off schedule.
See, this week -- and this week only -- this blog is “Four Days To Amish.”
I’m taking the wife and kids to have a good long look at Intercourse.
Don’t summon the child welfare department. Remember, Virginia is for lovers, but Pennsylvania has Intercourse.
We’re taking a run at Amish country later this week.
This will be the first time I’ve been to Amish country since I started a blog that pays humble homage to their backward ways.
How do we differ? They grow apples; I write a blog on one.
They make many different types of bread; I make no bread, yeast-based or otherwise.
They get together with good friends to raise barns; I get together with good friends to raise hell.
But I’m going to try and keep up the pace of including something fresh each and every day. People seem to be responding.
I hope so.
I truly enjoy the blog and the reaction it earns.
It keeps my mind sharp. It keeps me involved in the news and keeps me engaged in  critical thought.
Daily blogging keeps me from having to think about tedious ways to earn money.
Four Days To Amish?
Hell, it’s always just right around the bend.

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