Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November tweets of the month: Do Not Eat!

One of these days I'll get around to blogging about how my tweets are like what you find in fortune cookies. Just not today.

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Have a great day!

• Reading my tweets of the month is like spending 30 days inside my head, but without the hangovers 

• I’m thinking of doing reader survey but figure I'd first better do a survey on how many readers respond to surveys. 

• Because fickle publishing industry insists it is looking for timeless books, my next novel is going to be about a broken clock.

• Trump says election being rigged for Hillary; Hillary fears Russians rigging for Trump. I'd like to wake up Nov. 9 and see this POTUS (picture of PeeWee Herman).

• I like that the uproar over FBI director's decision was made by a man with nice hair whose name is pronounced COMB-ee.

• I wonder if Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen ever get into he-likes-me-better-than-he-likes-you arguments over Bob Dylan.

• I think my problems earning a living stem from too early and too well realizing the utter folly of the sacrifices it takes to earn a living.

• To hell with Trump AND Hillary. i'm writing in Cubs GM Theo Epstein for prez. After the BoSox and Cubs he can make ANYTHING great again.

• I’ve decided against asking friends for weather nickname -- Thunder! Hurricane! Squall! -- when I realized they'd call me "The Drought."

• Just voted! My first early vote ever. Very satisfying. I wrote in the Rodell-Rodell ticket for 2048. And they're already ahead! (picture of our daughters, ages 16, 10).

• If I've learned anything from watching TV today, it's to never taunt Moe when he has a board glued to his hands.

• Spent frantic hour looking everywhere in house for lost wallet. Found it! I feel so euphoric I plan on losing wallet/keys once a week.

• Light houses are among our most poorly named structures. They're actually very heavy.

• I encourage all Americans to vote tomorrow! And drink, get laid, smoke some weed and do something to calm the hell down. We're obnoxious.

• Is it just me or does Dixville Notch sound like a fictitious town name in a cheap porno?

• Win or lose, I hope Donald Trump tonight takes pains to reassure America that his hands are really, truly large.

• Still seems like a dream. But it really happened. At one time, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne sat down in the same room and said, "Let's start a band!” #wilburys

• It’s taken America 238 years, but the bully pulpit finally has an actual bully.

• For Cubs fans who love Donald Trump, this has been the greatest week of their entire lives.

• Who else thinks one of Trump's first acts will be to declare it in America's interest that bald eagles get hair plugs?

• You’ve lived in same small town too long when you realize you're personal friends with all the guys on the highway billboards.

• Electrical trade magazines are all about current events.

• I wonder if in ancient times there was a kid named Isosceles and he got bummed every time the orchestra teacher made him play the triangle.

• I just once would like to see a cliffhanger show end with a villain named Cliff ascending the steps to the gallows.
• I think people who speak with forked tongues would have fewer reasons to floss than those of us with spoon-shaped ones.

• Tending the various social media platforms I joined with the assurance I'd get ahead are combining to ensure I keep falling farther behind.

• It’s odd, I admit, how much I relate the Biblical Job when it's been a good 24 years since I've had an actual job. #TakeThisJob

• There are still many parts of the country where "Do you think rasslin' is fake?" is considered a sophisticated pick-up line.

• Sometimes adult film titles come unbidden to me. Just happened again: "Pornochio." Now if only I could think of unusual physical oddity …

• I wonder if other owls roll their eyes whenever they hear a "wise" guy owl describe something as a "real hoot.”

• I admire vegans, but the chances of me giving up meat are about the same as me resuming my virginity.

• Experts say nude tourists are surprisingly affluent for people for whom description "deep pockets" does not apply.

• This is bound to sound naive, but could global warming be solved by everyone leaving fridge doors open for 15 mins a day? 

• Newspapers are too fuddy-duddy to ever acknowledge the inaccuracy, but "Letters to the Editor" should be called "E-mails to the Proof Reader.”

• I enjoy hanging with drunks ‘cuz you can tell same joke same way five times in one night and it’s always hilarious. Not so w/sober wife.

• Feeling lazy today. Zero motivation. Still, I understand my role. I hereby declare my '16 War on Christmas! Happy Holidays!

• Spanker devotees spend their lives in the pursuit of slappiness.

• John Lennon imagined a world at peace. I imagine how different people would look if all our nipples were rectangular.

• Trending stories debunking election-swaying fake news stories are being labeled fake news by devotees of fake news.

• The right's decision to boycott iconic ensemble of "leftist" talent like "Hamilton" leaves me no choice but to reciprocate against the guy who played Chachi.

• How massive is my ego? When daughter, 16, is in car texting to friends I believe she is writing, "My Daddy is the greatest!” 

• If man can make a Twinkie whose taste will endure through a nuclear winter how come we can’t make a vegetable that tastes like a Twinkie?

• Trump back pedaling on core issues has me thinking supporters will soon turn "Build That Wall!" into "Grow That Hedge!”

• This is bound to sound naive, but does anyone know if the Republic of Turkey has a national bird?

• I don't know why so many racists object to being called racists. It doesn't bug me when people call me a moron.

• If eternity proves to be truly eternal you better hope someone remembers to bring a deck of cards.

• I wonder if cavemen and women woke up each morning and asked each other how they slept or if they had other priorities. 

• What does it make me that I've been for 20 years married to a perfectionist? Too humble to brag.

• No excess yeast is used in the making of pita bread. No animals are harmed in the making of PETA bread.

• If a trophy wife can’t be described as statuesque then she isn’t really a trophy wife.

• I wonder if USPS supervisors ever feel conflicted about warning carriers against just mailing it in.

• I’m hoping ironic delight would be publishing industry reax if I were to submit a book proposal called, "The Spoken Word: An Oral History.”

• I’m one of those drivers who gives visible signs of gratitude to drivers who bestow me a courtesy and gives the very same driver the finger if they give others the same courtesy when I’m driving behind them.

• I'm still wrestling with the idea of having to earn a living. Being born entitled me to living and, by God, I'm going to live.

• I have to imagine a country named Togo has really great take-out food.

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