Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Use All The Crayons!" A 10-star review

I’ll keep this brief because I’m fearful readers are getting fatigued reading about reaction to my book. But this letter was too pleasing to keep to myself. 

It’s from a single mom -- and I have a real soft spot for single parents. She read the Eric Heyl article and asked if it was true I’d send my book to anyone who is struggling and wanted one for free.

The article resulted in requests for 30 free books, all promptly filled. I can only hope the rest of the recipients felt even marginally as happy about my book as this woman did.

John Grisham’s sold 250 million books. I’ll bet he’s never received a fan letter as heartfelt as this:

“Hello there!! I remember saying I was intending to block out a space of time to read your book, and so I did. Nice long relaxing soak and a good book. My problem here is that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and my daughter, who is 3, kept knocking at the door . . . ‘Mummy, what are you laughing at?’.......... I love it. 

“I haven’t been a book reader since I was 13 other than non-fiction nursing guides, anatomy, psych, etc. Then three weeks ago my son brings home ‘The Hunger Games.’ Having seen the movie, I thought I'd skim over it to see how the book differs from the movie. I read that book cover-to-cover within hours. Two days later it was ‘Catching Fire’ in one evening and then I followed that up with “Mockingjay.” As I started each book, I had no intention of setting them down until I finished, hungry for the excitement.

“Then I received yours . . . As I said I was thoroughly enjoying and intending to finish it that evening. It just made me feel so happy that I thought, ‘Why should I read all of it tonight?’  I’m LOVING your book. It makes me smile. It makes me laugh. I decided that I would rather have some kind of escape for those times when I get even more down, disappointed or mentally exhausted. It has picked me up a good few days this week. My decision to slow down and stretch it out was a good one. I walk around with this cheesy grin when I remember a portion that made me laugh. It's an amazing feeling when a great book can make you smile or laugh even when its not in front of you. I just hope that everyone who reads it feels exactly the same way.

"What makes it even better is I’ve been sharing parts with my 11-year-old son. He has a wonderful sense of humor and the time we spend together -- just us -- is priceless.

“Thank you again for your generosity. It really means the world to me.”

That one’s going right up on my little office refrigerator with the others.

I’d say being the recipient of such a great letter leaves me feeling humbled, but you’d clearly see through the lie.

Right now I’m feeling anything but humble.

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