Monday, February 6, 2017

Scattered Super Bowl weekend thoughts

I’m feeling so conflicted this morning about the Super Bowl I’m going to use the words of surrogates instead.

On the bright side, my buddy Paul, a fellow Boston-hater, said, “If it makes you feel a little better, those most devastated tonight were cheering Sid Bream heroics 16 years ago.”

He’s referring to the Atlanta Braves 1992 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 7 of the NLCS. The Bucs were one out away from the World Series when gimpy-legged Bream — a former Pirate — slid home to win the game. It was the most cruel loss of my life.

So, he’s right. It soothes my soul knowing many of those Braves fans are today feeling as distraught as we were.

On the other hand, I think KDKA radio host John McIntire summed it up most perfectly when he posted on Facebook, “Jesus, the forces of evil are on a roll.”

Scattered thoughts:

• The Patriots were awarded the Super Bowl, but Melissa McCarthy won the weekend. Her scathing SNL parody of press secretary Sean Spicer was as funny as anything I’ve ever seen. And her Super Bowl Kia ad was good, too. But if they don’t do a Spicer bit once a week I’m going to feel sad. She was great, too, with Bill Murray in "St. Vincent."

• I kept wondering if Aaron Hernandez got to see the game. He’s the serial killer Patriot fans used to revere. He’s now serving life in prison for one murder, is one trial for another and is a suspect in two more. Say, what you want, but Tom Brady only deflated footballs.

• That’s exactly the kind of snark I wish I could overcome. Brady is the greatest QB ever; Bill Belichick, greatest coach; and, gulp, Patriots the greatest NFL dynasty. I guess I always have the feeling that when they win, they’ve somehow cheated. We just don’t yet know how. And numerous times I’ve seen Brady act what I once thought was uncharacteristically surly to opponents (and even teammates). Who does he think he is? Tom Brady?

• If I can separate myself from my disdain for the winner — I’m trying — I can acknowledge it was all highly entertaining. Great game. And a fantastic halftime show.

• Slow-mo replays of the Julian Edelman catch were mesmerizing and will be replayed long into the future. But it was only the second greatest catch of the day. If Lady Gaga fumbles that walk-off pass, it’s all anyone would remember.

• I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was Brady who threw the Gaga bullseye.

• I liked the Budweiser immigrant ad, the Malkovich one, sloppy Bradshaw, Skittles, AirBnB, but I guarantee you I could have improved them all with the oldest trick in commercial history: just add monkey.

• I declined generous offers to attend two Super Bowl parties, preferring to watch the game in a place where I can be assured of being able to watch the game. I enjoy watching the game with my family. Usually. There’s always one moment when I feel like running out of the house to watch in any nearby bar. Happened in the 2nd quarter when the girls were enthusiastically decorating the 5th grader’s festive Valentine’s Day card box and Nana (84, dementia) kept asking every four minutes for the girls to explain again what they were making.

• Reveling in all the Patriots showering Roger Goodell with boos at the trophy presentation almost made me glad the Patriots won. Almost.

• Think today out to be a national holiday? I encourage you to read this ’13 story about how I argue Super Bowl loser fans should be forced to work for winning counterparts. It’s an idea whose time has come.

• There. Now, I can contend I worked today while much of America took the day off to nurse their hangovers and loaf the day away. For one day, at least, America, you’re me!

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