Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twitter round-up

Does anyone ever read all this sidebar stuff to the right over here>>>>?

I hear from people who say they enjoy “Search Term of the Day.” But I wonder if anyone cares about what I’m reading, the flawed reader ticker, or -- my favorite -- the "Yoko Ono Incomprehensible Tweet of the Week.”

I hope people check out the tweets from @8days2amish. I try to keep my twitter account free of the banal. But just reading the post is what matters so please don’t feel pressure to otherwise browse. And besides I always do one of these round-ups of the best about once a month or so.

Judging by this batch, you’d think I spent a lot of the past four or five weeks watching the original “Hawaii Five-O,” the Super Bowl and lots of coverage of the Republican presidential primary.

You’d be correct. Lots of compelling news recently.

Have a great weekend and be sure to make time to be really, really lazy.

• Anyone singing "Brown Eyed Girl" at karaoke is practicing Vantriloquism.

• The day chickens start laying Cadbury eggs is the day I become a chicken farmer.

• Just heard a Conservative blast SOTU as a "bunch of hooey." Is hooey like bananas and grapes and comes in a bunch? I'd think it would be piles of hooey.

• After watching partisan bickering over President's speech, I'm convinced Tip O'Neill had it just about right: All politics is loco.

• Obama thin-skinned? I don't think it's the thickness of his skin that bothers his critics. Hmmm . . . what could it be?

• New health research says soft drinks contain flame retardants. They say it's bad. Is it? I'd like to be more flame retardant.

• I'll pray that every Haitian refugee wins their first Super Bowl ring before I pray Tom Brady wins his fourth.

• Saw Sam Elliott in an old Hawaii Five-O today. First time I've seen his upper lip. It was like glimpsing a rare albino rhino.

• You'd think varmint and peppermint would have something tasteful in common. They do not.

• Airing anti-depressant drug ads during a Three Stooges marathon seems like a gross misapplication of marketing funds.

• I never thought I'd have an opportunity to say this, but I feel like I let Gisele down.

• "Ich bin ein horny."

• As the stark, "agree or disagree" choice always leaves me waffling, I've coined a new word to describe my stance on most issues: sortagree

• America: It wasn't self-evident that all men were created equal until we said it was.

• We need a constitutional amendment that says White House interns must be at least three years older than the presidents they serve.

• This just in: Steve McGarret's middle name is Aloysius and he's a Capricorn. Hawaii Five-O for lunch is becoming an essential part of my day.

• In case anyone cares, it's been five days since the Super Bowl and I'm still praying for Tommi.

• Romantic trees can never be accused of being "too sappy."

• Very productive morning. I killed so many birds with so few stones I'm expecting PETA to protest.

• Suggested motto for the building that houses my office and the neighborhood tavern: "The Pond -- Two floors, one million stories."

• It would ease international tensions if from now on all Korans and American flags were constructed of flame-proof materials.

• Yes, still prayin’ for Tommi.

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